US missile strikes on Yemen encouraging genocide in Gaza: Cuba

Cuba has vehemently condemned recent missile strikes carried out by the United States and its allies on Yemen’s soil, saying the move encourages the Israeli regime’s genocide against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

On Friday, the US and British warplanes targeted five regions of Yemen with 73 missiles, including the capital Sana’a, killing at least five people and wounding six others.

The US military claimed on Saturday that it conducted a new attack against a radar site that belonged to the Ansarollah resistance movement in Yemen’s capital.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla said the airstrikes came “in violation of international law.”

“Acts of this nature encourage genocide in Gaza,” the Cuban diplomat wrote on X.

President Joe Biden of the United States said he ordered the strikes in response to “unprecedented” attacks against vessels heading to Israeli ports.

Yemen’s Armed Forces have recently been staging missile and drone strikes against vessels heading to Israeli ports in support of the Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Yemen has vowed to continue to prevent the passage through the Red Sea of all ships owned by Israel or heading to Israeli ports as long as the regime’s genocidal campaign in Gaza goes on.

Nevertheless, the United States recently announced the establishment of a multi-national naval force in the Red Sea.

According to the announcement, so far NATO states such as Britain, Canada, Norway, and the Netherlands have pledged support for “Operation Prosperity Guardian” led by the US.

Military and naval experts warn such a move runs the risk of making matters worse in the region.

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